About Me

This is a page about me. Hence the title.

I feel like I have some sort of unspoken permission to be a tad narcissistic here because this is my blog and I guess I can do that sort of stuff now. So let me get this off of my chest: I am pretty awesome (at least that’s what my mom tells me) and you should totally follow my blog because sometimes I can eloquently write about feelings and my sitcom-esque life. If those aren’t compelling enough reasons, your humor is probably way more advanced than mine and you should spend your time elsewhere

Plot twist: I am actually not very good at writing about myself as it makes me extremely uncomfortable (lol, maintaining a blog should be a fun endeavor), and contrary to what I just said I am actually not that cool…but here are some “interesting” facts about myself anyways that are probably not actually interesting but they’re all I’ve got.

  1. I am the world’s lead people-pleaser, which is the main catalyst to my *literal* vomit inducing anxiety. (Wow, two facts in one! I am also a perpetual overachiever). (And oversharer apparently. This should be fun). (I also do actually vomit a lot). (Sorry).
  2. I can sing.
  3. I didn’t say I can sing well. Cause I can’t. I just possess the ability to produce singing-like sounds from my vocal folds, as well as a compulsatory need to do so every waking hour of the day (much to the protesting of my family’s cochleas).
  4. I am currently studying speech-language pathology at the University of Texas (which I realize is giving people my approximate location…plz don’t find out where I live).
  5. I have two dogs, Max and Maggie. I am also allergic to dogs. If that doesn’t give you enough insight into my dysfunctional psyche then you are in luck…this blog is pretty much going to be about my superhuman-like talent for self-destruction (in the form of haphazardly filtered words vomited on a screen). You. Are. Welcome.
  6. My life is a giant cycle of: important thing, procrastination, panic, “I’m really going to get my life together this time,” *spends 10 hours watching videos of people explaining the history of popcorn,* more panic, and finally somehow things working out in a way in which I probably threw up a few times, but I didn’t die…so, #winning. (Not the procrastination…I should really work on that. But about the not dying part). (Also, I can’t believe I used a hashtag there, but somehow it just seemed to fit. #sorrynotsorry).
  7. I do not know how to explain things concisely.

Anyways, that was a lot of information that 9/10 people are probably not going to read. You can’t win them all. Actually, I usually can’t win most of them…whatever “them” is. But this should be fun anyways. Thanks for joining the ride.