About Me

This is a page about me. Hence the title.

I feel like I have some sort of unspoken permission to be a tad narcissistic here because this is my blog and I guess I can do that sort of stuff now. So let me get this off of my chest: I am pretty awesome (at least that’s what my mom tells me) and you should totally follow my blog because sometimes I can eloquently write about feelings and my sitcom-esque life. If those aren’t compelling enough reasons, your humor is probably way more advanced than mine and you should spend your time elsewhere.

I’m Alina Scarlett (I know… I should have been a movie star instead. I wouldn’t even have to change my name), but my friends call me Ali. As this is the internet, feel free to call me either one. Or whatever you’d like really. Just please be nice because I crave the approval of others and I am about as fragile as an ant. But like a medium sized one. And one that can fly. This was probably a bad analogy (I realize now that ants are actually super strong for their size. Compared to my finger though…never mind. The ant analogy stands.)

Plot twist (or not if you read the previous paragraph): I am actually not very good at writing about myself as it makes me extremely uncomfortable (lol, maintaining a blog should be a fun endeavor), and contrary to what I just said I am actually not that cool…but here are some “interesting” facts about myself anyways that are probably not actually interesting but I think that’s what you are supposed to do on an “About Me” page so I am going to write them anyways.

  1. I am the world’s lead people-pleaser, which is the main catalyst to my *literal* vomit inducing anxiety. (Wow, two facts in one! I am also a perpetual overachiever). (And oversharer apparently. This should be fun). (I also do actually vomit a lot). (Sorry).
  2. I can sing.
  3. I didn’t say I can sing well. Cause I can’t. I just possess the ability to produce singing-like sounds from my vocal folds, as well as a compulsatory need to do so every waking hour of the day (much to the protesting of my family’s cochleas).
  4. I am currently studying speech-language pathology at the University of Texas (which I realize is giving people my approximate location…plz don’t find out where I live).
  5. I have two dogs. I am also allergic to dogs. If that doesn’t give you enough insight into my dysfunctional psyche then you are in luck…this blog is pretty much going to be about my superhuman-like talent for self-destruction (in the form of haphazardly filtered words vomited on a screen). You. Are. Welcome.
  6. My life is a giant cycle of: important thing, procrastination, panic, “I’m really going to get my life together this time,” *spends 10 hours watching videos of people explaining the history of popcorn,* more panic, and finally somehow things working out in a way in which I probably threw up a few times, but I didn’t die…so, #winning. (Not the procrastination…I should really work on that. But about the not dying part). (Also, I can’t believe I used a hashtag there, but somehow it just seemed to fit. #sorrynotsorry).
  7. I do not know how to explain things concisely.

Anyways, that was a lot of information that 9/10 people are probably not going to read. You can’t win them all. Actually, I usually can’t win most of them…whatever “them” is. But this should be fun anyways. Thanks for joining the ride.